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Отзывы о товаре «Универсальная автомобильная Non-Slip Мат Dashboard Sticky Pad Аксессуары для интерьера Магия Anti-Slip для IPod iPhone 6 автомобиля ключ Soporte Movil автомобиля»

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Автор: MihailsokEFT MihailsokE
Дата публикации: 20.05.2015 02:51
It really really sticks, would probably work upside down like the photo shows. Actually was sticking a little too much and pulled up with the phone... but probably in some time the stick will become less effective, making the sticky pad more usable.

For this price, should be in every car.
Автор: Дмитрий
Дата публикации: 17.06.2015 23:20
Product is interesting, but on how much it will last question [titter]. is fully consistent with the description (silicon case does not stick)! getting almost maturity the seller sent on time (probably our long were :) ....
Автор: Артур
Дата публикации: 16.08.2016 19:31
Tawara did not come deceived